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Dichondra repens (Kidney Weed)


At the moment the nursery has plenty of Dichondra in stock. This is a ground hugging herb that forms a lovely mat of green kidney shaped leaves (1-2.5cm across), the flowers are inconspicuous. Dichondra is great at filling spaces under larger plants to slow weeds and it is sometimes used as a lawn substitute but doesn’t cope with lots of foot traffic. In the garden it generally likes a bit of extra water to establish. Once settled it is quite hardy, the more moist and shaded the denser the carpet formed. Some internet sites suggest it is useful as “living mulch”.

In nature Dichondra is a really wide spread plant and is found across the Bellarine. It occurs in many plant communities ranging from moist to drier areas though not an arid plant. While we are not sure of any special role it has in nature we know it provides useful cover for small creatures and its enduring, widespread presence hints that there is more to learn...

If you haven’t been to the nursery for a while there are many new plants in stock.

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