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ACUP - what's that?

A small group of nine BLG members participated in the recent BLG funded Agricultural Chemical User's Permit course. The aim was to broaden safe chemical handling knowledge and skills so that collectively, we have more resources available on the Bellarine to help manage pests and weeds effectively.

The course was held over two consecutive Saturdays and was run by Michael Shaefer from The Gordon and AusChem Training. Naturally we focussed heavily on managing rabbits with fumigants and weeds with pesticides and Michael helped to dispel several myths along the way.

My key take aways from the course are:

  1. restricted chemicals are restricted for good reason and must be handled responsibly by those with the requisite skills acup
  2. Phosphine is a dangerous gas that kills and Personal Protective Equipment is prescribed for a reason (full face respirator and PVC gloves)
  3. While common practice - dousing Phosphine with water down the polypipe or inserting into oranges is NOT safe practice and could pose risks - just use moist (not wet) newspaper or similar
  4. Choose the right chemicals for the job and in the right proportions - doubling the dose does not double the effect and could pose risks
  5. If in doubt - read and follow the label.

 Note: a number of chemicals are not purchased, stored or used legally except by those who have the relevant permits, often after undertaking the relevant courses. See the Government's website for more information: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/agriculture/farm-management/chemical-use/agricultural-chemical-use/licenses-permits-and-forms/the-acup-system-in-victoria .

Special Rabbit Field Day

Friday July 15, Curlewis Golf Course

1345 Portarlington Rd, Curlewis

10 am – 3 pm (9:30 am registration)

Cost: $10 Lunch provided

  • Integrated rabbit control presentations, including information on the K5 virus release
  • Demonstration of control methods: warren ripping, fencing, fumigation, poisoning, and use of the rodenator
  • Survey tools such as RabbitScan

RSVP by 8 July
Sophie Small, Facilitator ph: 0457 333 727

See full details / print flyer

World Environment Day Planting - our thanks to some young people for helping :-)

young helpers young helpers

BLG is very grateful for some expert help!

Thanks to Graeme Anderson, Climate Specialist, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport & Resources who gave us a cooly analytical presentation on the factors which impact on our yearly weather and create our climate at the June Information Meeting. He talked about the four key drivers in our climate variability, very amusingly illustrated by the climate dog animations: http://agriculture.vic.gov.au/agriculture/farm-management/weather-and-climate/understanding-weather-and-climate/the-climatedogs-the-four-drivers-that-influence-victorias-climate - check out this utube clip for a good chuckle!

Read more ...

Forthcoming Events

Sun Jul 31 @10:00AM - 02:00PM
National Tree Day Planting
Sun Aug 07 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
Bellarine Blitz! Rabbit Scan Training
Sun Aug 07 @10:00AM - 12:00PM
Bellarine Blitz! Rabbit Scan Training
Wed Aug 10 @ 7:30PM - 09:30PM
BLG Meeting - Andrew Westcott, Vicroads - Drysdale Bypass
Thu Aug 25 @ 9:30AM - 12:00PM
Friends at OGNR

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