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Volunteers can make an enormous difference to the do-ability of a task! Last weekend a gully full of agapanthus was cleared in a couple of hours resulting in a huge compost pile and a clean space for the planting of kangaroo grass.

 blitz workers blitz workers

As the lucky landholder, I (Liddy) am ever so grateful to all 15 people who helped and look forward to helping others on the next Blitz!

If you would like a Blitz! to help with your chores, or to participate in one, please see details on our website and contact our Facilitator Sophie.


A Stroke of Brilliance!

The BLG Rabbit Action committee has been looking at ways we can support our Cluster Groups to carry out fumigation of rabbit warrens in their individual areas. The group only own one Stihl blower which has been modified to produce smoke to locate entrances into a warren before fumigation is carried out. The retail cost of this machine is approximately $830. A considerable amount of time is taken in taking this machine to a cluster, and then having it collected, to be taken to another cluster group.

Read the full story here...


Thanks Emma!

Emma Camilleri has been a very productive, cheerful, and diligent facilitator for the BLG for some time. She has a new job and we can only regret losing her and congratulate the new employers. We are all grateful to Emma and will contine to think of her as we work on many projects that she started and used to inspired us. Goodbye Emma - please keep smiling and come and visit us when you can :-)

BLG in Landcare magazine

Check out the Autumn edition (Issue 66) of the Victorian Landcare Magazine. This edition focuses on Invasive Plants and Animals and features an article on the Bellarine Landcare Group's Rabbit Action Campaign. Check it out at http://www.landcarevic.net.au/resources/magazine/vlcm/current-issue/vlcm-issue-66-all-pages/view

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