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Thanks to everyone who turned out to help plant the Ryan's plants for wildlife! We got in 500 trees, shrubs and ground covers. Well done team! 💚💚🙃
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Bellarine Landcare with Melissa Ryan and Shaun Ryan.
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Very excited about tomorrow's blitz. My first visit was last week end. Sooo much nature and great to be working with great guardians. If u didnt get to rsvp talk with Sophie or I will share my sausage roll with you!
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Awesome work Mannerim Memorial team! Sleepers installed successfully!
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Hi all, just a reminder that tonights weed and walk will b at the earlier 5pm winter time. Apologies but the gremlins r preventing us from changing the calendar on our website. Cheers Beth
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Join us Wednesday 20th to hear Martin talk about his inspirational work rehabilitating birds of prey ...
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There are lots of reasons to volunteer with BLG. The occasional Lemon curd sponge is high on the list. Thanks so much to Barb, who not only works so happily at the nursery but also shares her other talents with us.
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Anyone available to help out for a couple of hours cooking sausages at ALDI's Drysdale tomorrow? We are fundraising for the Mannerim Memorial Gardens restoration. It's going to be beautiful when it's finished! In the process we've made new friends and remembered and recorded some of the important history of Mannerim. Please call Sophie on 0457 333 727 if you can help.
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An enthusiastic crew of Nursery volunteers had a lovely time helping out our friend Del with her garden maintenance. Thanks to Del and Viv for your hospitality.
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This Friday morning our Blitz will be at a BLG legend's house Del, who will be known to many for her great contribution to Landcare. Join us to help her do catch up maintenance and weed control. Wear long sleeves, garden gloves and closed boots. Any garden tools for mulching and cutting back would be welcome. For catering RSVP ASAp please
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Our Nursery is very busy at the moment. We are still cleaning and packing seed from the collection season. The nursery is emptying out with orders and lots of propagation and seed sowing is required. If you want to learn or practise these skills please feel free to come and play with us! For none gardeners there is always a project going on... If you have planting in mind then you should also get in quickly with purchases or orders so you dont miss out on your first choice. We will b open Tues 9-3pm (closed for Easter Monday) we are opening on Sunday 30th of April for people who cant make it week days. Fight climate change and save local species. See you soon
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BLG News

Fire Spirit comes back!

I (Sophie) had the opportunity to attend a traditional burning workshop ‘Wiyn-murrup yangarramela - fire spirit comes back’ at Bakers Lane Reserve, Teesdale on  4 April, where Aboriginal fire practices were demonstrated side by side CFA burning practices. The day was led by the Waddawurrung, the CCMA and the Golden Plains Shire and supported by local Aboriginal people who’ve been visiting and learning from elders up in Cape York, where they have been able to maintain their fire practices post colonisation.

fire  burning

Read more ...

Moolap Salt Works – Key Facts

Due to habitat destruction, salt works have become important habitat for migratory shorebirds around the world.
When Moolap salt works was still operating, it supported up to 11,000 shorebirds a year and met the criteria to be considered an internationally significant wetland.

Moolap birds

Read more ...

Rabbit Field Day – Sunday 26 February

The K5 virus release and strategies for effective rabbit control will be hot topics at a Rabbit Control Field Day on Sunday 26 February at Marcus Hill Hall, Marcus Hill.

Headlining the Field Day will be Tim Bloomfield, from the Victorian Rabbit Action Network, with 4 decades experience in tackling rabbits he has learnt the tried and true recipe for rabbit control.  “The rabbits grazing habits decide which plants survive and which plants never get a chance. This day arms you with tools to beat rabbits now and for decades to come”, said Tim.

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RabbitScan awarded

The FeralScan community pest animal monitoring and mapping program has received the Minister’s award for a cleaner environment in the field of research and science excellence.
NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research officer and IA CRC FeralScan program manager Peter West, was humbled to receive the award on behalf of all the program partners, stakeholders and users.
“Thanks to the strong support from our stakeholders, communities and individuals all around Australia the FeralScan program has collated more than 65,000 new community records about pest animals, and has been used by over 25,000 Australians.

For more information, see http://eepurl.com/crfwMD

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Our Indigenous Nursery

Our wonderful Indigenous Nursery is a joint initiative between Bellarine Landcare Group and Bellarine Secondary College.  Each year the nursery produces thousands of seedlings, indigenous to the Bellarine, for purchase by Landcare members and for major revegetation projects. Read more about the nursery.


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Our facilitators are often out and about - they can be contacted most easily by email:


Our Rabbit Program

In early 2015 we called landholders to a meeting about rabbit eradication. As a result of the wonderful turn-up at our first meeting, the BLG is now developing a Bellarine-wide Rabbit Eradication Program. If you are interested in this, please contact our facilitator.

NRM Planning Portal 

See the maps of NRM activities in our region

NRMPPTo access the interactive map, you will need to go to the following website: http://www.ccmaknowledgebase.vic.gov.au/nrmpp/cb_pages/disclaimer.php

The map is incomplete for the Peninsula but growing - some regions have already entered a considerable amount fo information and can now use their maps for planning and monitoring activities.

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