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We are looking forward to the Blitz at Rosalinds place 10am tomorrow morning. If you have registered dont forget! If you didnt get round to it message us. We could sqeeze in a couple more...
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For essential information on rabbit control come along the the field day on Sunday 26 February. More information www.bellarinelandcare.org.au
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Talk about punching above its weight. One of the most surprising inclusions on Lonely Planet’s Best Value destinations bucket list for 2017 was Victoria’s
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Be one of thousands of Australians pledging to #loveouraussieland in 2017. Pledge today and find out how you could win a sky diving experience or a red balloon voucher and see first-hand the beauty of our Aussie land.
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Congratulations to Geoff McFarlane for being awarded the PestSmart Participants Prize for leadership in the field of rabbit management on the Bellarine Peninsula! Well deserved for all your hard work, Geoff!!
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Bellarine Blitz has been a great success this year, with relaxed Sunday mornings of social interaction while helping out people in their gardens and on their properties. The hosts provide lunch for the participants, and everyone goes home with some new information as well as the satisfaction of helping others. This Sunday 27 November, is the final Blitz for the year and will be held in Marcus Hill at a bush property where we will be assisting the landholders with the removal of Blue-bell creeper. It's going to be fun and you will be amazed at the beauty of this remnant bushland. If you would like to join us, please RSVP to Sophie on 0409 558 527.
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The blue grass lilies Caesia calliantha are coming into there own at this time of the year. With a background of themeda it is a lovely patch. But i missed a briza...
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The wonderful Beth Ross will be leading this Seed Collection Training day in a few weeks. Not many places left so book in soon!
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Check out this talk on the Rakali - Australia's otter!
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Hi everyone. Just to let you know that Monday nights Weed and Walk which is normally at Andersons rd., has been moved back to Swan Bay Rd. Sophie has been at the site recently and is keen for us to see the great stuff that is there now. She will also be there earlier in the afternoon working with a vollie - mowing and brush cutting the weedy grasses. This is an excellent strategy if it is timed well - many grasses are in flower now and with very little or no seed, so it is safe to mow and it totally ruins their reproductive year! If you want to know how you can tell if is OK to mow perhaps you could come and we will show you! We will be at the intersection of Swan Bay rd and the Bellarine Railtrail at 5:30 for an hourish... In box or phone Beth 0428 124 363
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BLG News

Rabbit Field Day – Sunday 26 February

The K5 virus release and strategies for effective rabbit control will be hot topics at a Rabbit Control Field Day on Sunday 26 February at Marcus Hill Hall, Marcus Hill.

Headlining the Field Day will be Tim Bloomfield, from the Victorian Rabbit Action Network, with 4 decades experience in tackling rabbits he has learnt the tried and true recipe for rabbit control.  “The rabbits grazing habits decide which plants survive and which plants never get a chance. This day arms you with tools to beat rabbits now and for decades to come”, said Tim.

Read more ...

RabbitScan awarded

The FeralScan community pest animal monitoring and mapping program has received the Minister’s award for a cleaner environment in the field of research and science excellence.
NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research officer and IA CRC FeralScan program manager Peter West, was humbled to receive the award on behalf of all the program partners, stakeholders and users.
“Thanks to the strong support from our stakeholders, communities and individuals all around Australia the FeralScan program has collated more than 65,000 new community records about pest animals, and has been used by over 25,000 Australians.

For more information, see http://eepurl.com/crfwMD


IMG 7904

A very kind thank you to the Corangamite CMA and the Victorian Government Landcare Program for sponsoring my attendance as a Bellarine Landcare committee member to the 2016 National Landcare Conference. It was an excellent occasion to network with other groups involved in "landcaring" and a great opportunity to learn from others.

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Landcare Grants Now Open

Bellarine Landcare Group (BLG) are calling for applications from private landholders and schools to undertake environmental on-ground works on the Bellarine Peninsula. Funding will be provided to assist landholders undertake:

  • Remnant vegetation protection and enhancement;
  • Waterway, creek and drainage line fencing and revegetation;
  • Revegetation corridors

The aim of this Grant is to assist landholders to restore 7 ha of indigenous vegetation in 2017, creating wildlife corridor linkages, with a particular focus on protection of waterways flowing into the Ramsar wetlands of Lake Connewarre and Swan Bay.

These financial incentives have been received through the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority’s Landcare Grant 2016-17.

The maximum grant rates available are (incl. GST):

  • Standard Fencing: $2.50 per metre (Fencing cost around $8/m through Contractor)
  • Indigenous plants: $1.00 per plant (Nursery cost: $2/plant)
  • Tree guards: $0.35 per guard
  • Weed control of planting sites: $0.10 per plant or up to $45 / ha

To discuss your project ideas further contact Bellarine Landcare Group Facilitator, Sophie Small facilitator@bellarinelandcare.org.au / ph 0457 333 727

Download an application form here.

Applications close 31 October, 2016



Forthcoming Events

Sun Feb 26 @ 9:30AM - 02:00PM
Rabbit Control Field Day
Mon Mar 06 @ 5:30PM - 06:30PM
Weed, Walk and Talk Anderson's Rd
Wed Mar 08 @ 7:30PM - 09:30PM
BLG Information Meeting - 'Our Future' - COGG Facilitated Consultation
Mon Mar 20 @ 5:30PM - 06:30PM
Weed, Walk and Talk, Swan Bay Rd BRT

* Donate Now - we welcome help!

Please help our campaign to insulate the nursery shed.

Our Indigenous Nursery

Our wonderful Indigenous Nursery is a joint initiative between Bellarine Landcare Group and Bellarine Secondary College.  Each year the nursery produces thousands of seedlings, indigenous to the Bellarine, for purchase by Landcare members and for major revegetation projects. Read more about the nursery.


See our latest newsletter, register to receive our newsletters or, better still,  join the BLG.


Our facilitators are often out and about - they can be contacted most easily by email:


Our Rabbit Program

In early 2015 we called landholders to a meeting about rabbit eradication. As a result of the wonderful turn-up at our first meeting, the BLG is now developing a Bellarine-wide Rabbit Eradication Program. If you are interested in this, please contact our facilitator.

NRM Planning Portal 

See the maps of NRM activities in our region

NRMPPTo access the interactive map, you will need to go to the following website: http://www.ccmaknowledgebase.vic.gov.au/nrmpp/cb_pages/disclaimer.php

The map is incomplete for the Peninsula but growing - some regions have already entered a considerable amount fo information and can now use their maps for planning and monitoring activities.

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